Solar Films, Solar Window Films Toronto

Looking for Solar Window Films in Toronto? Get Solar Window Films installed in Greater Toronto Area by experts, Window Tint Team. A home or office with old windows might need an upgrade to become more energy efficient and reduce the amount of UV rays coming in. If you are looking for a more budget friendly and easy way to improve windows then solar window films in Toronto are a good option. Solar films are laminate films that can be set up on the exterior or interior of the windows. While selecting the film look for light transmission, UV rejection, shading coefficient and light transmission.Depending upon the climate and the direction of window, the most appropriate film should be selected. A film with lower light transmission is darker. While a film with high total energy rejection is better as it keeps away infrared and UV rays. The shading coefficient tells about the lower heat gains with value .5 or less being better.

Benefits of Solar Window Film installation in Toronto are:

  1. Easy to install: In order to install the film, you need film, a plastic card, ruler or yard, knife, marker and a wet sponge. It is simple to apply and remove.
  2. Low investment: When compared to other methods of window tinting, it is much cheaper and long lasting.
  3. Protects furniture: With excessive sunlight flushing in your house, it can damage your furniture and tarnish the tapestry. Having a film on the window will protect the furniture from direct light.
  4. Lower electricity bills: The solar film helps in heat rejection, thus keeping your home cooler in summers and warmer in winters. This will eventually reduce the electricity bill and surely leave you happier.
  5. New look: Today, there are several kinds of solar films available which uplift the exterior of your house immediately giving a fresh new look with barely any expenditure.
  6. More privacy: The solar film reduces the visibility for outer world, thus making your space more personal and safe.
  7. Healthier living: The most important reason for having solar films on the windows is to stop the harmful UV rays and IR rays entering your house. Excessive exposure to UV rays may cause cancer. A small investment in solar films, can protect you, your family and employees in office from life taking diseases.

Budget Solar Window Film Installation Services in Toronto

If budget is a constraint and you are looking for a quick fix to improvise your home or workplace, then solar films are the best option.

We are a team of dedicated and experienced professionals in the business of tinted solar films since long time. In case, you want to understand more about the solar films for windows, just give us a call on 647-217-4167 or email us and we will fix an appointment with one of solar film expert in Toronto. The solar window film expert installer will visit the site and depending upon direction and climate, suggest you the best options for you. The good news is, the analysis is free!! Our solar film expert will give you the quote and only when you are happy with the suggestions and cost, we will go ahead. So, fix an appointment now and know how you can save on energy bills and have a better home in one day with our best quality solar film for windows in Toronto.