Smart Film Toronto, Smart Glass Windows Greater Toronto Area

Looking for smart film or smart glass windows in Toronto? Technology is creeping everywhere. Gone are the days when you just had few option to cover the windows. Now, with smart or switchable films in Toronto, you can do much more with your windows than you have ever imagined. Smart films uses AC power, to adjust light flow from being transparent to opaque. These films can be retrofit to existing glass by simply peel and stick method. Smart films for glass windows are gaining popularity in both commercial and residential spaces equally in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. Now, with smart films for glass windows you no more need blinds or curtains. Smart films have polymer dispersed liquid crystals, which gets aligned on power supply making it transparent, else remains opaque.

Smart films or Smart Film Glass in Toronto can be used at variety of places and in number of ways. Few widely known benefits of Smart Glass Windows are:

  1. Acts as curtain: Smart films or switchable films are used as curtains in green buildings, as it changes between translucent to transparent, depending on the intensity of light indoors.
  2. Projector: For meeting rooms or as an advertisement display on the exterior of the building, smart films or smart glass can be used as projectors as well. When it is transparent it gives complete visibility inside out. While it is non-transparent, it acts as a projector for meetings.
  3. Advertisement: Smart glass film can be used to protect the products in store when transparent. When non-transparent, it can be used to promote offers and new products by displaying advertisements.
  4. Premium and luxury residences: Switchable films can give a range of different auras to a home. When not in use smart film can give you privacy by turning opaque and returning to a full sunshine room when you use it.
  5. Protection: Harmful UV and infrared rays are returned back. This helps in protecting everyone from harmful cancer causing rays.
  6. Prevent furniture: Due to excessive sunlight, the furniture and tapestry over the time lose its lustre. With smart films you can keep them just like store bought for many years.
  7. Special utilities: More out of the box uses of smart films or switchable films are in restrooms, hospitals, stairs, dust free rooms and special care units, where its opaque or hazy look confirms its usage and gives privacy. A transparent look lets you know the place is not being used currently.
  8. Array of options: You can choose from milky white, grey, blue and other soft colours. Smart Films for glass can be combined with other technology to generate more uses. For example, with touchscreen or voice command enabled in smart films, it gives more options and ease to operate. It can also be combined with LED tubes to give more vibrant colours.
  9. Easy to handle: The smart films are self-adhesive. So you can just put them up on glass and convert it into smart glass with no labour cost or other hassles.

There are still experiments going on how to further enhance the usability of smart films. Also, different material combinations are under testing phase which will increase the spectra of smart films while dramatically reducing the cost at the same time.

If you are interested in exploring how you can use smart films in your office or home, call our smart film installation experts in Toronto today! We will do free analysis and advise what is best for you. Whether you need smart film, switchable film or smart film glass in Toronto, we can provide you all at affordable prices. Call 647-217-4167 to get smart glass films installed.