Security Film

As a famous adage goes, “Safety doesn’t happens by accident” is many a times a true reflection of what is happening in the society. As poverty, greed and wants increase, so does unruly behaviour in many people. In last few years, there had been a sharp increase in burglary, smash and grab and other such incidents. With cameras and other devices that keep an eye on shop lifters, there is still need to keep your shops and homes more safe. A simple glass on door or window is easy to break. This poses risk to people and product both. To overcome this fear, one must get a security film installed on the door and windows of shops and homes as well.

The security film might not keep the disruptive entities away, but will surely make it difficult for them to cause much or any damage. Here we elaborate the benefits of having a security film in your shops or home:

  1. Difficult to break: If you fear that someone can just smash the window and run away with the stuff, then it is a good idea to get the security film installed. A security film increases the strength of the glass by almost 80%. This means if a plain glass can be smashed in 10 seconds, with a security film on it, to smash it will take about 80 seconds.
  2. Low Cost: If the glass breaks, replacing it may cost you high. Applying the security film will only be around 20% of the new glass cost.
  3. Safer when breaks: When a plain glass door or window breaks, the glass may fly and can cause further injury. When there is a security film on the glass, the pieces will not scatter here and there. After breaking also, film will keep holding it together.
  4. Protect from harmful rays: Films protect you from harmful UV and infrared rays, which can cause cancer.
  5. Protection from natural calamities: Of course, security film has its own limit, but it will surely bear more than plain glass in case of high winds or any other natural calamity.
  6. Reduced electricity cost: Security films keep the place cool in summer and warm in winter. This will eventually lower our bills and saving you enough money.
  7. Privacy: People like to peek into your home or cabin. Having a security film will restrict the view for outer world, making your space more cosy and comfortable.

A stich in time, saves nine. Having a security film in your shop or home will not only save you from unwanted entries but also protect you from hassles that might probably arise due to glass break.

You are just a call away from making you shop and home a safe place. Contact us, and we will let you know all the details about security films for your premises. Also get a free quote which we guarantee will be the lowest in the market. Further are products are best in class. So, come and let’s make our city the safest!!