Perforated Window Films Toronto

Get affordable perforated window films in Toronto from Window Tint Team. Call 647 217 4167 to get perforated films installed in Greater Toronto Area. Perforated film also known as perfs are created by having holes in the vinyl film. The size and density of holes create magic. Perforated Window Films can be custom made and allows variety of colour options to experiment with. This makes Perforated Window Films more attractive and up class. You can change the windows to advertising column with these easy to apply sheets. Usually, perforated film has one way visibility, meaning you can see the outside world, but they cannot peep inside. Also, they come in variety of transparency degree, meaning you can decide the see through vision for your advertisement. They are definitely little more expensive than window decals, but the benefits they have make them worthy.

Benefits of Perforated Window Films

  1. Wide range: You can choose perforated films from wide range of transparency options: 50% (maximum see through), 40%, 30%, 20% (maximum image display).
  2. Durable: Perforated window films perform well in all kinds of weather. They are strong and sturdy, and do not need frequent changes.
  3. Anytime performance: At time, with traditional films the night visibility gets hampered. With a translucent white perforated film available in market, you can now be assure of 24X7 advertising irrespective of light intensity. So, be it day or night, the sign board will always be visible.
  4. Visible from far: Perforated window films have definite advantage over other films, as they can be read and seen from a greater distance without blocking or compromising on the clarity of advertisement.
  5. Laminates: You can laminate the film without hampering the look. This will protect the film from dirt, water or any scratch.
  6. Choice to install: With different kinds of perforated window films available in Toronto, you can choose if you want it to be installed from inside or outside the window.
  7. Glare control: Perforated film helps control light flowing in the store, and not making the place just too bright. Perforated window films allow right amount of light to come in, so it does not feel dark or too shiny.
  8. Heat control: With perforated films you not only advertise, but also keep your store or office cool. They reject excessive heat, making the place cooler.
  9. Protect from UV rays: The furniture inside the store is protected from losing its shine. The new remains new and there is no need for frequent change in tapestry.
  10. Infra-red protection: This cancer causing rays from sun must be blocked. Overexposure can be life threatening. Perforated window films block infrared rays, making your store or office safe.
  11. Innovation: With perforated films, you can make any space your advertising field. The only limit is your own creativity. Unleash the potential with latest technology, unbelievable graphics and printing abilities all combined together.

With so many benefits, perforated window films in Toronto is expanding the customer base from not only big business houses but also to hotels, resorts, museums, airports, stores and other business buildings. When compared to traditional ways of simple sign boards or even window graphics and signs, perforated films in Toronto give premium touch to your business. They are more attractive and eye-catching which surely will leave some impact on prospective customers!! To get perforated window films Toronto installed, get in touch with our expert perforated window film installers in Toronto.