Frosted Window Films Toronto

Looking for Frosted Window Films in Toronto? Window Team Team provides best price frosted films in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. Call 647-217-4167 for more information on frosted films. The marketplace is loaded with options when it comes residential and commercial frosted window films for privacy in Toronto. If you have been exploring options to upgrade your window, door or shower panel and want to know about frosted films, then you have reached the right place. Here, we tell you all you might want to know about frosted films in Greater Toronto Area.

Frosted films looks like sandblasted or etched glass. They can be used for home and offices on the doors, windows and shower panel for privacy. It is easy to apply the frosted film and are not very expensive. Most discussed benefits of frosted films are:

  1. Increased privacy: The outside world gets completely blocked with frosted films. This helps reducing any distraction caused in office by folks peeping in your cabin or meeting room. When applied on plane glass panel in shower, it increases privacy. Frosted films are good for doors and windows at home as passer by cannot look inside making your family safe.
  2. Insulation: Frosted films help keep away almost all UV and infrared rays, making home and office a better place to live in. It will protect all from cancer producing harmful rays.
  3. Proper light: As frosted films filters light and reduces glare, giving just the right amount of light in the room.
  4. Elegant appearance: Instead of just plane glass, a frosted film enhances the look of room or office without any jazz. It looks classy and trendy at the same time.
  5. Save energy bills: The frosted films reject sunlight, thus making the place cooler in summer and warm in winters. This will reduce energy bills significantly.
  6. No tapestry: As frosted films block the outside view and also reduces the flow of light inside, there is usually no need of blinds or curtains. This will save you from maintenance and change of tapestry year on year.
  7. Long lasting: The supplier usually gives some warranty with frosted film and usually it lasts long.
  8. Easy to install: Usually, it can be installed on any window or door with the help of water and other few tools like a plastic card, scale etc. It is equally easy to remove as well, just peel off and its gone.
  9. Cost effective: The frosted films are pocket friendly and you can apply them on full glass or maybe partially depending upon your requirements.

If you want to get the frosted film for your door, window or shower panel in home or office then drop us a mail or give a call on 647-217-4167. One of our frosted film installation expert will discuss with you and fix an appointment to visit the site. After analyzing, they will advise you the cost and the best type of frosted film according to your needs and climate. Our first visit to give the quite is absolutely FREE!!

So, it’s a good time to let us in and help you lower your energy bills, protect all from harmful rays, increase privacy, reduce distraction and give a new look to your lovely home or office by providing you best and affordable frosted film installation services in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area.