DI-NOC Films Toronto

Need Di Noc films in Toronto? Call 647-217-4167 to know more about 3M Di Noc Film installations in Greater Toronto Areaand get best  At some point in time, we all want to refurbish our homes or offices. Earlier, for any architectural change, money and time used to be major constraints. 3M Di Noc Films in Toronto is a popular architectural film and Window Tint Team has years of experience in providing 3M Di-Noc films and vinyl in Toronto. 3M Di Noc is a high end vinyl film that can be used on any surface regardless of material or shape. Initially it was used on automobiles like cars to hide any dents or renew the look. However, today it is extensively used almost everywhere, indoors/outdoors, automobiles, helmet, offices, laptops etc. 3M Di Noc should be considered a permanent solution as it is highly adhesive when used with primer. If removed, it can damage the surface. But, there are several benefits which is making 3M Di Noc films a popular choice in Toronto:

Why should you get 3M Di-Noc Films in Toronto from Window Tint Team?

  1. Hundred of choices: We don’t have just one or two, but over 500 variety of 3m di noc films to choose from. From wood grain texture to shiny metal feel or rough stone surface, you will get all colours and textures that you can think of for your home or office.
  2. Easy to apply: When heated a little with hair dryer or heat gun, Di-Noc Films loosen a little and then firmly sticks to any shape or material. Even on curved surface it will give good results.
  3. Tested: 3M Di Noc Films is well tested for both high and low temperatures. When used indoors, it stays good for almost 12 years while in outdoors it will last minimum 3 to 4 years.
  4. Low maintenance: 3M Di Noc Films can be easily cleaned with water and soap. No scrubbing is needed.
  5. Architectural touch-ups: Di Noc Architectural Finishing is available in 3D texture that resembles very close to original wood or metal texture. It is heavily used by architects to give finishing touch and add a glam to the walls, ceilings, doors and other areas in the house or offices. It is also used on cars and other vehicles when not interested in dent and paint. It easily covers any structure and does not come off easily.
  6. Durable: Though there is no explicit guarantee, but the 3M Di Noc films are tested under various harsh circumstances. They have durability between 5-12 years.
  7. Low Cost: When you want to refurbish the place, it surely will cost you much more than a film. Di Noc is an easy solution to upgrade the look and feel of any place in minimum time frame.
  8. High resistance: When you use wood, metal or any other substance in your home or office, all are not equally resistant to water, dirt and normal wear and tear. However, with 3M Di Noc sheets, you will get the same feel of original material but they are highly resistant to water, dirt and abrasions.
  9. Light weight: When compared to natural material, 3M Di Noc films are lighter in weight, thus can be placed on any surface. Also, it reduces the labour cost, which is a big saving.

Call us now to get best and affordable 3m Di Noc films & Architectural finishes in Toronto and give new look to any living space whether indoor or outdoor with minimum cost and time investment.