Decorative Window Films

Always wondered how beautiful those expensive etched or frosted glasses on door or windows look. You wished one such for your home, but they are just outside your reach. Now, complete your dream home or office space with these easy to use decorative films. The films give a look of etched glass in minutes. Few of the several reasons to buy these decorative film for your lovely home are:

  1. DIY beautifications: Make your windows, doors and shower panels look classier and up class with easy to apply decorative film. They will immediately change the place from boring to more vibrant. All this can be easily done by you without the need of any experts.
  2. No fingerprints: The decorative films are fingerprint and stain resistance. Thus, little or no maintenance is required.
  3. Saves energy: The decorative films have ability to reject heat in summer and absorb in winter. This helps to keep the home or office cooler in summers and warm in winters. With decorative films on windows and doors, will reduce the usage of cooling devices and lower electricity bills.
  4. Privacy: Now you can control your privacy. The decorative films come with different levels of see through, from clear films to opaque. Now, you can decide how much transparency you need and get that perfect film for your home or office.
  5. Variety of design: Now don’t stick to only traditional film. Choose the one that suits your mood and personality. From contemporary to modern, you can select from over thousands of designs of every living space.
  6. Static cling: You can install the decorative films only with the help of little water. No need for adhesive or gluing agent.
  7. Easy to remove: Just like installation, removing the film is equally easy. Just pull it out and its gone without leaving any marks or stains on the glass. The good part is, you can still re use it after few days if you want.
  8. Shields furniture: The strong UV rays from the sun, tarnish the furniture and fabrics. With decorative films on the windows, the harmful rays will not come directly on your furnishings, thus saving them from losing their lustre and colour.
  9. Shields from cancer: Infrared rays and UV rays are known to cause cancer. With the help of decorative films, you can now block most of them giving you and your family a safer place to live in.
  10. Reduce Brightness: If you receive too much of light in your office or home and it is giving your eyes hard time, then think about decorative films. With these films, you can control the amount of light coming in. This will reduce the strain on your eyes while watching TV or working on laptop.

With so many benefits, you can spice up the doors, windows or showers panels in just few minutes and make your home more lively. What else, in this expensive world, you can buy this luxury for a song.