Commercial and Residential Wallcoverings

In old days, rich and affluent used to cover the wall with fabric to absorb heat and lighten up the room. The poor or middle class, who cannot afford fabric, used paper to decorate the wall and absorb little heat. This led to invention of printed wallcoverings, which today is extensively used for home and office décor.

Wallcoverings for residential and commercial purpose are different. The type of wall covering to select depends on how much traffic that place has. So, obviously for residential purpose a light duty will do while for commercial purpose medium or heavy duty wall coverings are needed. Typically, three types of wall coverings are available:

  1. Type 1: This is for places like home, where not many people visit. It is delicate when compared to others.
  2. Type 2: It is to be used in places where you expect medium traffic like school, public places etc.
  3. Type 3: It provides highest protection to wall and should be used in areas with very heavy traffic like bus station, airports etc.

In case, you are using the wallcovering for commercial space, you have three varieties of material to choose from:

  1. Wallcoverings made on paper base with designs sprayed with the help of polyvinyl chloride are known as vinyl coated paper.
  2. Scrubbable sheet which has paper base laminated with solid sheet of vinyl is more durable.
  3. Fabric base sheet has a woven fibre covered with vinyl laminate. It is also very durable.

You must be wondering why to use wallpaper covering for home or office space. Well, we list down some benefits of using commercial and residential wallpapers:

  1. Long Lasting impression: Instead of plain boring walls, give your customers a place that they remember for long. The first impression is the last, so when your customers walk in, create a décor that will give them positivity.
  2. Customization: With technology, it is very easy and cost effective to customize the wall papers. So, if you are a hotel or any public place, and want to honour local artists, you can easily get their work printed on wallpaper and put it up on your walls for all to appreciate.
  3. Easy to change: The type of wallpaper you take will decide its permanency. You can choose a semi-permanent if you think you will change it often. Else, you can select a permanent wall cover that will not need frequent changing.
  4. More durable: When compared to paint, which needs proper cleaning and maintenance, wall cover are easy to maintain and are very durable.
  5. Economical: When compared to paint, initially it may look like bit expensive. However, in long run considering the amount of maintenance needed for painted walls, covers will be almost 25% cheaper.
  6. Multi-functional: Today you can even get wall covers which can be used like whiteboards, magnetic boards, glow in dark and several other variants. These are good for office spaces or kids rooms.

If you are looking to increase the aesthetic appeal of home or office, then wallcovering are good way to get it done in least time and cost.